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PDS MissionOur Mission:

Our purpose is to address our clients’ needs for performance enhancing solutions that result in revenue growth and cost reduction. We equip organizations and their people to achieve their full potential.

How? By diagnosing alignment challenges, evaluating competencies, designing learning experiences, administering practical performance guides, teaching evidence based coaching and offering executive coaching.  Our focus is on solutions that get people on the same page, help team members hone job specific skills, and help sales reps master the complex sale.

Our Vision:

We want to become the thought leader and resource of choice for addressing organization alignment challenges. How? By building an extensive database of expectations between individuals across the widest range of strategic and tactical challenges, organizations, and industries.

Our emphasis is on delivering simple, practical, and easy to implement solutions that help your team members perform up to their full potential, enabling your organization to get better business results. 


We believe that performance is personal before it is organizational.  If you want better results your people must be equipped to perform up to their full potential.  They do that by building job specific competencies, communicating effectively, and building productive relationships.  You facilitate that by integrating into your business processes the tools that help people adopt the culture of your organization, understand clearly what is expected of them, and effectively manage their own performance.

Our Views of Successful Change

Build on existing language. If there’s no common language, you are confused and competitively blind. But, you need to start where you are!

Change is hard, real change is real hard. Companies routinely initiate change but never seem to “really” change. We focus on avoiding those common “change traps”

Change is not about making time, it’s about releasing time. Executives must “create” time for change by reducing the distractions to getting work done.

Coaching cascades reinforce change. Managers must coach and be coached.

Create an accountability environment. Support, compensation, and other directional systems must be integrated.

Do “different” things! Don’t just do “things” differently. Think “out-of-the-box” and do different things rather than trying to get a little better at what you’re currently doing.

“Everyone needs to walk the same talk.” Receiving inconsistent voices from various sources causes people to “do what they’ve always done”.

Measure the “hows” not just the “whats” of success. Move management’s focus away from what was achieved to how you can win - measure leading indicators, not just lagging indicators.

No one sales process is the “right” one. The “right” sales process is the one to which people are committed.

Revenue and competency grow together. Too often training is disconnected from “real jobs.” Revenue and competency growth are dynamic concurrent processes not static sequential ones.

Sales and marketing people learn when they realize their collective ignorance risks losing a specific deal. It’s not what you know, but what you don’t know that creates competitive vulnerability.

Speed, intensity and momentum are critical. Move with “speed” to swim above cultural inertia. Move with “intensity” by focusing on a few new things. Build “momentum” by promoting early successes.

White Noise can’t be ignored. The background “hum” of distracting cultural legacies- “white noise”- drags change and must be overcome FIRST.

Our story dates back to 1987 when we began offering consulting as Professional Development Services.  Our vision was to provide sales training and coaching designed to improve sales team effectiveness.  Our services expanded rapidly to include all types of executive coaching from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

In the late 1990s we added to the team Nick Anderson from Holden Corporation, where Nick engaged in coaching, training and learning design.  Nick’s experience and education in behavioral sciences proved a great complement to our team and we became PDS Group in 1997.

During our consulting engagements we soon identified organization misalignment as a major factor in nearly every situation where organizations and individuals were not achieving goals.  Nick had long been a student and proponent of the expectations approach authored by John Machin in the 1980s as a key to success in organizations of all sizes.  To process the data needed to effectively conduct an alignment exercise, Machin required mainframe computing power only available at universities when the concept was first designed and tested.

We decided to implement the expectations approach with our clients, only to discover that the software had long since disappeared.  With Machin’s consent, Nick began preparing a new concept for the software that could be implemented on a personal computer.  Thinking about programming the software led Nick to reconnect with Terry Merriman, technology consultant, Internal Audit Manager, and programmer.

Terry brought his programming skills and a passion for corporate governance and effective processes as well as personal and organizational performance to PDS Group in 2000, and programmed the PC based AlEx™ software first used in 2001.  As the PDS team developed our expertise and alignment practice with AlEx™ we served a number of Fortune 500 companies in Canada and the US.

Our collaboration resulted in a new partnership in 2009, PDS Group LTD, committed to making alignment and related consulting services available to a wide range of organizations in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

In 2012 we reorganized the business and shifted our strategy to focus on performance delivery solutions, solutions that deliver improved business results through improved personal and organizational performance.  We now concentrate on making our performance delivery solutions available to all organizations through our network of consulting partners and affiliates, while we continue to refine our performance delivery solutions and products.