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“The artificial horizon helps you keep your plane trimmed and oriented to the ground, in other words, aligned for the best flying. AlEx™ is the horizon of organizational alignment and
strategic change.”

If you want to improve revenues and reduce costs, your team members need to be doing the right things right.  AlEx™ is our web-based application that helps people perform up to their full potential and deliver their best work.

AlEx™ helps you identify situations where people aren’t doing what’s necessary, and might be doing things that are not necessary – major misalignments and distractions to getting things done, and major hits to your bottom line.  For any project or change initiative people need to know and get aligned on the critical factors for success.

AlEx™ helps your leadership team define, in the organization’s own language, those critical success factors and communicate them to all of your key team members. AlEx™ captures them in a format and location which become the source on which team members build their specific expectations of each other.

AlEx™ provides the tool for communicating and agreeing on not only those expectations, but also the deliverables for each expectation that describe what success looks like.  AlEx™ also provides the tool for tracking and measuring performance against expectations and progress on the project or initiative.

Our custom CrossHairs™ reports are your line of sight to potential trouble spots that may need your attention. CrossHairs™ reports identify key areas to focus on for improved results.

When your leaders and team members use AlEx™ to get themselves aligned, they are communicating effectively, managing accountability, and practically guaranteeing a successful project, process improvement or organizational transition! Talk with us now, or keep reading!

More about AlEx™

“Getting People on the Same Page”
It is difficult to expect and reinforce accountability when stakeholders don’t understand or even realize each others’ expectations.

The concept appears simple enough, but the manner in which you deal with the complexities of multiple stakeholders’ expectations can be daunting.  In fact, from sales to construction environments, it frequently results in lost sales, lost time, strained relationships and poor results.

AlEx™ helps align people, and navigate toward productive working relationships with customers, colleagues and partners that improve the chances for increased sales, successful change and project implementation.

AlEx™ Diagnosis function is especially powerful at identifying where sales people, their management, and other functions are “not on the same page”. Project summaries in diverse industry sectors show that diagnosing misalignments before sales training, project implementation or other activities, for example, markedly increases the chances of superior results. Projects include Banking, Telecommunications and IT Clients.

Getting Started - PDS Group will facilitate meetings with each of the main groups’ leaders to elicit their perspective on key issues and what they want to be better aligned on with each others’ groups and individuals.  The general flow to this initial work can look like this:

AlEx Graphic

  • Develop a consensus of components with all Leaders & Stakeholders
  • Coach key players in generating expectations for each of the component groups
  • Provide analysis and feedback to the leadership team, isolating key initiatives
  • Align the process over the project
  • Develop sufficient trust and transparency as the means to eliminate profit erosion, conflicts and claims
  • Use accountability and evidenced based management as the means to accomplish the initiatives
  • Facilitate managers to coach others to reach higher performance standards that meet their expectations

AlEx™, PDS Group’s proprietary software, enables accurate project measurement and accountability over time.  This innovative program enables interaction among stakeholder groups by storing and analyzing the data of hundreds or thousands of expectations.  It then helps map the progress of a project to ensure that all stakeholders are accountable for their agreed expectations. 

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