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Altimeter“The altimeter shows you how high you’re flying, and altitude is dictated by the capabilities of your plane.  CAM™ analyzes the capabilities of your people.”

Are your people building the job specific competencies they need to deliver their best performance and results? People who know what’s expected of them and demonstrate the capabilities required for their specific job have the potential to achieve their best personal performance, and make a big difference in your bottom line.

If you want your team members to know what is expected of them, and for what they will be held accountable, use our Competency Assessment Matrix CAM™ when you develop or update position profiles (job descriptions).

CAM™ helps you define the essential competencies necessary for success in specific jobs; job skills that go beyond the generic life skills like “teamwork”, “communication”, “time management” and other broadly defined skills that apply to all team members.

CAM™ helps you break down those job-specific competencies into planning and action behaviors, we call them “thinking” and “doing” skills that can be demonstrated and evaluated, much like a performance appraisal, but way more relevant to delivering results!

For a deeper dive, CAM™ can help you describe the evidence of the degree to which those behaviors are occurring, evidence that lends greater objectivity to a performance appraisal and supports much more clear and concise expectations of team members in specific job duties.

Your people are the real drivers of performance in your organization so help them deliver their best by using CAM™ to get specific about their competence and behaviors in relevant job skills! Talk with us about using CAM™ in your organization.

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