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Turn Coordinator“Turning an airplane requires tight coordination of several controls including stick and rudder.  Coaching is the turn coordinator for your organization.”

Coaching is essential to the integration of desirable processes and practices into the normal workflow of organizations. The need for effective coaching exists at all levels in an organization. And coaching begins at the top, with you, the senior executive.

We at PDS are firm believers in servant leadership. The essence of servant leadership is identifying and fulfilling needs that free people to perform up to their full potential. Effective coaching is an essential component of servant leadership, a skill that enables leaders to identify and satisfy team member needs, and an important service PDS offers through its consulting and business partners.

Our consulting and business partners have extensive executive coaching experience in many different environments. If performance improvement is to begin at the top, you’ll want one of these folks on your team. Talk with us about our executive coaching services.

Joe Braidish

Joe BraidishJoe Braidish is a business researcher, educator, and management consultant with specific expertise in advising cross-sector ventures about enterprise strategy management, marketing and business development, productivity growth, business process management, and organizational effectiveness.  He works with both large and small enterprises, and the core operational units and shared services groups within those organizations, helping them build their capacity to do things like: create a vision and strategic framework, launch critical business initiatives, manage their operations and increase productivity, deploy marketing and business development strategies, build internal consulting capacity, and enhance managerial leadership performance. 

Joe has served as director of research and consulting services for Kelley Executive Partners, a division of Indiana University 's Advanced Research and Technology Institute. He spent 25 years with a number of Fortune 500 and 1000 companies in a variety of roles in the learning and organizational development area, and held senior and regional management positions in sales, sales support, marketing, and operations.

Joe earned his BA degree from John Carroll University, in Cleveland, and has done advanced course work at Indiana University.  He serves on the international committee for Reason in Practice, a UK based organization dedicated to advancing the application of critical thinking to the everyday practice of business management.  Joe is an affiliate of the Singapore Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Pte. Ltd. and of the Sweden based Koestenbaum Institute.  He has served for four years as a special advisor to the Human Learning and Development Center within the University of Denver Research Institute.  Joe is an editor/peer reviewer for The Masie Center’s premier eLearning publication, Learning Journal.  He serves on the staff of Conscious Journeys, a coordinator of eco-voluntourism trips to the Asia Pacific region.  Joe’s biographical sketch has been published in Who's Who (23rd edition) and in Who's Who of Global Business Leaders.

John Crawford

John CrawfordTo quote John, “The services I offer rely on extensive experience in the business world as an Owner, Manager, Board Member, President & CEO, Corporate Risk Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Rep and Account Executive in businesses both large and small. I also utilize my many years experience in the not-for-profit world, having served on Boards of Directors of more than a half dozen organizations.

“A Business coach assists the owners of small and medium sized businesses with increasing sales, better management, marketing and team building. Just like a sports team coach, your Business Coach will get you to focus on the fundamentals, bring you new ideas and techniques, hold you accountable to your own plan and keep you in the game!

“As in navigation - aviation, sailing or cross-country driving - no one can provide directions without knowing at least two basic things:
1) Where are You NOW?, and
2) Where Do You Want to Be?

“As your Coach, I will help you focus on clearly identifying both of those points and then help you develop a plan of action to get you there. I'll be the professional Navigator/Coach in YOUR corner staying in touch with you regularly to make sure you remain on your course and get back on track when you are blown off course.

“I am Committed to YOUR Success!”

Nick Anderson

Nick Picture

Nick Anderson has led sales productivity projects since 1985. An essential ingredient for success has been Nick’s ability to come along side senior managers and sales leaders to ensure they develop commitment to coach their people long after a project’s completion.

Executives naturally have second thoughts and find it difficult to "stay the course" when the going gets tough. Nick’s ability to help them sort through the distractions to effective change and focus on their priorities sets him apart from many executive coaches.

Nick’s ability to get to the core issues of driving revenue through people doing different things has "Raised the Bar" of effective executive coaching.

His style is penetrative - revealing what people don't know - the ultimate source of competitive vulnerability; then enabling real commitment for people to take action to win.