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"Improving Results by Improving Performance"

In these tough economic times every leader’s challenge is to manage effectively the available resources to produce the desired results.  You need solutions that help your team members deliver their best performance, and we have them!  PDS is all about Performance Delivery Solutions!

Our AlEx™ Expectations Alignment Approach helps you define, communicate, and manage accountability for the critical success elements of any project or strategic change initiative.

Our CAM™ Competency Assessment Matrix helps you define, build and evaluate essential competencies and requisite behaviors for specific jobs - competencies that drive improved performance and, consequently, improved business results.

And our Deal Mover System™ for the complex sale helps your sales team deploy enhanced selling strategies and tactics so they grow their pipeline and close more and bigger deals faster.

These solutions aren’t training, they’re action-oriented solutions that our advisors help you integrate into your organizational culture and business processes. Coupled with our Learning Design and Executive Coaching services, you have a full suite of performance delivery solutions available with PDS. So if you’re intent on achieving better results, visit our Performance Flight Deck below to learn more.

And speaking of results, ours speak for themselves.  Our work with the sales team for a national telecommunications company resulted in an increase in sales revenue of $51,000,000 in just nineteen weeks (their numbers, not ours).  A major pharmaceutical company went from fourth to first in customer satisfaction in one year.  A regional steel fabricator successfully transitioned its leadership team and boosted its revenue by 50% in three years.
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