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Compass“In any aerial maneuver you need to be on a specific heading to avoid collisions and other nasty events.  Learning Design is the compass that lets you know you’re heading in the right direction.”

At PDS we believe the design of effective learning experiences is essential to improving performance; “training”, but not in the traditional sense. For us training is “integrated learning” - optimizing the impact of our work within your specific constraints, requirements and opportunities.

Learning DesignIntegrating learning means “real play” - not role play; “real sales plans” - not case studies. It is not about doing things differently, but about doing different things, like building coaching effectiveness through solving real sales rep problems and filling skill deficiencies and gaps.

Our Consulting and Business Partners design learning experiences that build on your culture and the language of your leadership team. They integrate live situations and coaching into the design of the learning experience. They make learning part of the normal workflow, not an isolated event that requires team members to translate the concepts to real world situations. Translation is embedded in the learning process. Our goal is to use what works and what is required, not to overburden learners with confusing, contradictory or unfamiliar terms and concepts.

Talk with us about designing effective learning experiences for improved performance. We’ll help you choose the partner who appears best suited to address your needs.

Read about "Methodological Agnosticism" to learn more about our learning design concepts!