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Our Services>The Deal Mover System™:

Radar“Radar tracks progress and helps keep track of other moving and stationary objects. The Deal Mover System™ and practice guides are the flight plans against which sales progress can be tracked.”

Ah, the complex sale environment; big revenue potential but lots of pitfalls and obstacles to navigate before you can close that game-changing deal!  How can your internal and independent sales reps master the complexities of selling engineered solutions, construction projects, consulting engagements, and other services or one of a kind solutions? You can implement our Deal Mover System™.

Our Deal Tracker™ helps your reps gather and track all of the critical information necessary to close a complex sale; from notes about key decision makers and decision criteria to analyses of the competition and go-no-go factors.  We include tools to analyze the political environment, build the value proposition and define the selling strategy.  And we include links back to core selling competencies each rep needs to have and build.

Not only is the Deal Tracker™ an account planner, it’s also a practice guide that your team leads can use to coach and mentor reps using our Deal Mover Practicum™ process.  Our Practicum process is the practical application of what works, the application of valuable information captured in the Deal Tracker™.

The Deal Dashboard™ provides a convenient place to accumulate Deal Tracker™ information and summarize it in a report that gives you a quick pipeline status update and tells you if you’re getting the results you need.

If you need to move and close more deals faster, talk with us about our Deal Mover System™!

More about our Deal Mover Practicums: Practicums are the practical application of what works! They structure live opportunities where a sales rep advances sales opportunities by learning new activities, skill usage, or methods of selling. When competency levels rise, sales advance. They are the fastest and most accurate way to improve sales alignment and competency development in the actual process of advancing sales opportunities.

Practicum WheelPracticum interactions become a part of “How your company does business”. They can be adapted for application during strategy sessions, learning sessions, or win-loss sessions. They connect personal growth to sales successes.

Learn more about Practicums